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The Erased is an e-book by Grant Piercy, available for the Amazon Kindle.

You’ve been imprisoned by a shadowy government project and your identity has been erased; the only question is why. Welcome Home.

In a dystopian society where severe laws are in place to regulate the media you’re allowed to view, anyone and anything can be erased. Most people get their information and entertainment from the Knowledgebase -- a computer network dubbed the “sum total of human knowledge.” But forces are at work to edit and shape the Knowledgebase as they see fit -- suppressing dissident thoughts and behaviors. Their clear target: a group of rebels who hide in plain sight and call themselves the Transhumans -- people who remote into androids illegally, and whose goal is to eventually transplant a human consciousness into an android.

In the middle of this stands 77, a prisoner who’s been asked to repair a broken android for his captors. Once he solves the mystery of this android, he may find the truth behind the Transhumans, the elusive Knowledgebase architects, and the erased.

The Erased presents a near-future parable for the media age, where the march toward merging with technology comes at a terrible price.

Link: Higgs boson: it's unofficial! Cern scientists discover missing particle

Ian Sample, a Science correspondent for the Guardian who also wrote a book on the Higgs (Massive) breaks down the announcement from CERN this morning.

"The discovery of the Higgs particle ranks as one of the most important scientific advances of the past 100 years. It proves there is an invisible energy field that pervades the vacuum of the known universe. This field is thought to give mass to the smallest building blocks of matter, the quarks and electrons that make up atoms. Without the field, or something like it, there would be no planets, stars, or life as we know it."

My favorite response to the news this morning came from @JamesUrbaniak (the voice of Dr. Venture): “NEW BOSON, BITCHES! #worldpeace”

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Link: Scientists discover "God particle", will announce this week

Is this one true? I actually had to do a double-take when I read the headline. I guess we’ll find out Wednesday.

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